Wedding Invitation Wording

One of the emails I receive most frequently is, "please help me with my wedding invitation wording!" Wedding invitation wording can be tricky - there are so many factors to consider. Who's hosting? How can I include everyone? Should I go more formal or informal with my wording based upon my venue? I hear you, it's A LOT. So I'm here to help! Here are some samples of invitation wording to set you on the right track to your perfect invitations.

A couple things to consider no matter what invitation wording you choose:

- "Request the honor of your presence" is usually used when you are holding your wedding in a religious venue.

- If the bride’s last name is the same as her parents, it is typically not repeated with the bride's name.

- If the couple or both sets of parents are to host, be sure to treat the names equally.

- For wedding venues, the zip code is not necessary, as these are not for mailing purposes. The state is usually spelled out.