How to format recipient addresses for invitation and save the date envelopes

Lucky Penny Paperie is happy to offer guest address printing on our client's wedding envelopes. Digital printing is a more cost effective method of including addresses than traditional calligraphy. Lucky Penny also has the capability to address envelopes in the same fonts used on your invitations, creating a cohesive and formal look. How does this work, and what information do we need from you?

Lucky Penny Paperie uses variable data personalization to print your guest's addresses onto your envelopes. Variable data printing is primarily used to create personalized thank you letters, brochures, newsletters, and postcards, and even wedding invitations. The goal of variable data is to quickly produce a mass amount of personalized documents, which is why it is a good alternative to traditional calligraphy (although we think calligraphy is beautiful as well!)

So what do we need from you to make your pretty and personalized envelopes? An excel spreadsheet! That's it. We ask that you format your excel spreadsheet as follows:

Column 1: Guest's Names

Column 2: Additional Guest's names (ex: children's names, "and family", multiple guests that live in the same household. If this does not apply, just leave this column blank)

Column 3: Full address (including apartment numbers)

Column 4: City, State, Zip (spell out this column exactly how you'd like it to appear on your envelopes. If you want the state spelled out, don't abbreviate)

Column 5: Country (if outside of the U.S.)

See example below:

That's it! We're ready to create your beautiful envelopes!