10 ways to save money on Wedding Stationery

Photo by Leo Evidente

Photo by Leo Evidente

Want your dream wedding stationary, but on a budget? It's possible! Here are 7 ways to trim back price without compromising quality.

1. Consider sending digital save the dates

Everyone loves getting snail mail when the contents are pretty paper goods, but saving money on your save the dates will allow you to splurge when it comes to your most important wedding stationery- your invitations! Paperless Post, Glo, Pingg, and Evite are just a few of the online stores offering fun designs to send electronically. 

2. Consider your printing options

Letterpress and Foil invitations are luxurious, and if you're a paper freak like myself, TOTALLY worth the extra cost. But if you'd rather put some of that money towards something else, there are definitely ways to save without compromising luxury. If you're having a more casual wedding, consider going with flat printing as opposed to letterpress or foil. Not ready to let go of the pretty feeling paper? Try combining printing methods. Stick with letterpress or foil printing for your actual invitation, and flat printing for the other items in your suite. 

3. Minimize Paper

There are many wedding scenarios that may require insert cards. Destination weddings, registry information, complicated directions, hotel information- the list goes on. While it's really nice to include all of this information in the envelope with your wedding invitations, it's not always necessary. Consider making wedding website, and including all of the details there. That way, you can include just one small card with your invitations containing your website link. Want to cut back even more? If you're having a very informal wedding, consider having your guests RSVP online, that way you don't even need to include an RSVP card.

4. Envelope Addressing

Calligraphy is an art, and will give your invitations a luxe, elegant look. However, it can sometimes be hard to justify splurging on the hand written envelopes. If you're on a budget, consider digitally printing your guest's addresses on the envelopes. If you order printed envelopes from Lucky Penny, I can match the fonts to your invitation suite.

5. Postage

Square invitations, Double thick paper, Inner and Outer Envelopes, and multiple insert cards are all gorgeous add-ons I offer in my shop. However, the heavier the invitation, the higher the postage. Consider simplifying to save on costs at the post office when sending out your invitations. On the flip side, consider sending out your rehearsal dinner invites in the same envelope as your invitations. This will help you save postage on sending out two separate envelopes.

6. Plan well and Proofread!

Nothing is as frustrating (and as expensive!) as having to re-print your invitations because of a grammatical error. Make sure to triple check your proofs, and have someone else look over them as well, just to have a second pair of eyes. Also, keep in mind that three rounds of proofs are free, and anything over that will incur an additional design fee. Try and solidify your invitation wording the first time to avoid additional proofing.