Tips on sending Wedding Thank You Notes

Completing your wedding registry is so much fun! You can go crazy with the scanner and online wish lists, and receiving those presents can be just as fun-- until you realize you're going to have to send out a thank you card for every one of those gifts you received. Here's a survival guide for getting through the list without losing your mind:


  • Thank you notes should be something you think about even before the REAL wedding planning starts. As you are collecting your guest's addresses for your wedding addresses, make sure to organize that information and hold on to it! If you're ordering wedding invitations from Lucky Penny and have your envelopes addressed, this step will already be completed for you. Even if you're not addressing your invitation envelopes, my excel spreadsheet guide will still come in handy when it comes to thank you cards. The list will also be great to use in the future, if you plan on sending out holiday cards or any other type of announcements.
  • We suggest that you go ahead and order your thank you cards at the same time as your invitations. People will start checking out your registry the minute they receive their invitations, or if you have a wedding shower, and it's best to stay on top of things. If you stay on top of your thank you cards and write them as your gifts come in, it will be a lot less overwhelming. If thank you cards seem like a huge expense at the time you are ordering your wedding invitations, you could always order a smaller amount to get started, and order more (with your newly married names!) as you need them. 


  • Obviously we're a little biased, as we are paper lovers, but it definitely pays off to order custom stationary. It will seem much more personal to receive a monogrammed or personalized note, rather than a boxed set you picked up on a run to Target.
  • Do a little at a time. If you make a plan to write all 100 something thank you notes at one time, it will seem extremely overwhelming. Tell yourself you need to finish 5 before dinner, or 5 on your lunch break, and it will seem much less daunting. Not to mention, your hand won't start cramping and your letter won't look lazy.
  • Roller ball pens are much smoother than ink pens! Make sure to pick a writing instrument that won't smudge.
  • Invest in a return address stamp! We sell them in our shop in styles that will match your wedding invitations. You can use them while addressing your invitations, and they will do double-duty on your thank you cards or any other corresponance you're sending out at your new address. 


  • Proper etiquette says to send a thank you card within two weeks if you've received a gift before the wedding, and within a year if a gift is received at or after the wedding. 
  • If you receive gifts before your wedding, you are supposed to use stationery with your maiden name or initials. After the wedding, you can send out stationery with your married initials.
  • Have your maid of honor or another designated person keep track of your gifts at your showers and other wedding parties- you'll be too busy tearing up the wrapping paper to remember what's what. That way when you sit down to write thank you notes, you're already organized and ready to go. 
  • Be specific when writing your thank you notes. Instead of saying "thank you for the plate", say "thank you for the Belmont China Dinner Plate". 
  • If you receive a monetary gift, mention how helpful the money will be, and what you plan on using it for. For example "Thank you for your generous check. We are putting it towards a new washer and dryer". 

Do you have any other tips for thank you card notes? We'd love to hear them!