Wedding Invitation Wording

One of the emails I receive most frequently is, "please help me with my wedding invitation wording!" Wedding invitation wording can be tricky - there are so many factors to consider. Who's hosting? How can I include everyone? Should I go more formal or informal with my wording based upon my venue? I hear you, it's A LOT. So I'm here to help! Here are some samples of invitation wording to set you on the right track to your perfect invitations.

A couple things to consider no matter what invitation wording you choose:

- "Request the honor of your presence" is usually used when you are holding your wedding in a religious venue.

- If the bride’s last name is the same as her parents, it is typically not repeated with the bride's name.

- If the couple or both sets of parents are to host, be sure to treat the names equally.

- For wedding venues, the zip code is not necessary, as these are not for mailing purposes. The state is usually spelled out.

How to format recipient addresses for invitation and save the date envelopes

Lucky Penny Paperie is happy to offer guest address printing on our client's wedding envelopes. Digital printing is a more cost effective method of including addresses than traditional calligraphy. Lucky Penny also has the capability to address envelopes in the same fonts used on your invitations, creating a cohesive and formal look. How does this work, and what information do we need from you?

Lucky Penny Paperie uses variable data personalization to print your guest's addresses onto your envelopes. Variable data printing is primarily used to create personalized thank you letters, brochures, newsletters, and postcards, and even wedding invitations. The goal of variable data is to quickly produce a mass amount of personalized documents, which is why it is a good alternative to traditional calligraphy (although we think calligraphy is beautiful as well!)

So what do we need from you to make your pretty and personalized envelopes? An excel spreadsheet! That's it. We ask that you format your excel spreadsheet as follows:

Column 1: Guest's Names

Column 2: Additional Guest's names (ex: children's names, "and family", multiple guests that live in the same household. If this does not apply, just leave this column blank)

Column 3: Full address (including apartment numbers)

Column 4: City, State, Zip (spell out this column exactly how you'd like it to appear on your envelopes. If you want the state spelled out, don't abbreviate)

Column 5: Country (if outside of the U.S.)

See example below:

That's it! We're ready to create your beautiful envelopes!

Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

Wedding invitations designs may have come a long way since the formal announcements of decades past. You can now find an invitation to fit all personalities and wedding styles! While options are now vast, the one thing that hasn't changed is proper etiquette. See the FAQ below for advice on how to send out modern invitations, while still honoring the proper traditions of generations past.

1. When should we send out our save the dates?

  • Save the dates are traditionally sent out six to eight months before the wedding. You want people to have plenty of time to make arrangements to travel, especially if you are having a destination wedding. Our turnaround time for save the date production + shipping is two weeks after final approval of design proofs, so try and factor that time frame into your planning.

2. When should we send out our invitations?

  • Traditionally, invitations are sent out three months before the wedding. That gives people appropriate time to make flight arrangements and book hotels. If you don't have many out of town guests, somewhere around six to eight weeks is acceptable. Keep in mind that our turnaround time for invitation production + shipping is three weeks after final approval of design proofs. 

3. When should we make the deadline for our RSVP cards?

  • The RSVP deadline should be discussed with your wedding venue or caterer- they may request a head count by a specific date. The timeline is typically two to three weeks before your wedding date. If some guests still haven't responded by your deadline, don't hesitate to give them a quick call or shoot them an email to ask for their RSVP.

4. We want to include our wedding website. How should we do that?

  • We suggest that you include your wedding website information on your save the date card. If you aren't sending save the date cards, or forgot to include the website when you sent them out, you can also include a small insert including that information. We sell them in our shop under "website insert".

5. We want to make our guests aware of our registry. What's the polite way to incorporate that information?

  • We suggest you don't include your registry information in any of your wedding correspondence. Instead, make sure your immediate family and bridesmaids are aware of your registry information, and they can inform your guests. You should also include your registry information on your wedding website. Most people will already be aware that they can find your registry information on your wedding website without you having to make it too obvious.

6. We are having an adult only reception. How do we reinforce this?

  • If you address your invitations to "Mr. and Mrs. Jane Doe" and not to "the Doe Family", guests should understand that the invitation is meant for only those addressed. Sometimes people don't get subtle hints, and may RSVP for their children as well. If that happens, call or email them and let them know that the wedding is for adults only, and that you hope they can still make it. 

7. Where should we include the dress code?

  • You can touch on the dress code in a few different ways. You can include it on your wedding website, or you can spell it out on an insert or reception card. You can also include it on the invitation itself in a smaller font.

8. Can I address my own envelopes?

  • Yes, but it's not recommended. A wedding is a formal occasion, and you want your envelopes to reflect that. Working with a calligrapher is the preferred method, but if you are on a budget, we offer address printing in the same fonts as your invitation of choice. More information on envelope addressing here.

9. Can include our meal choices or dietary restrictions on our invitations?

  • Absolutely. We suggest you include that information on your RSVP card. Dietary restrictions aren't standard on our RSVP card, so it would be considered an add-on and would incur a proofing fee.

Wedding Stationery Timelines

Plan out your Wedding Stationery Timeline with ease with these simple guidelines!

Save the Date Cards

Traditionally, save the date cards are sent out six to eight months before the wedding. For destination weddings, we recommend sending them out up to a year before the wedding.


Our turnaround time for flat save the dates is around 10-15 business days from design proof through shipping. For letterpress and foil save the dates, our turnaround time is 15-20 business days. If you are planning on having us address your envelopes, please have your excel spreadsheet ready to go. We suggest collecting addresses from your guests as soon as possible, as sometimes this process can take longer than you'd expect! We also offer rush shipping services- please let us know asap if this is a service you will likely need.

Wedding Invitations

Traditionally, wedding invitations are mailed out approximately two months before the wedding. For destination weddings, we recommend sending them out around three months before the wedding, so your guests can make appropriate travel accommodations.


Our turnaround time for flat invitations is around 10-15 business days from design proof through shipping. For letterpress and foil invitations, our turnaround time is 15-20 business days. If you are planning on having us address your envelopes, please have your excel spreadsheet ready to go. We suggest collecting addresses from your guests as soon as possible, as sometimes this process can take longer than you'd expect! We also offer rush shipping services- please let us know asap if this is a service you will likely need.


You won't need items like programs, menus, table numbers and place cards until the day of your wedding. However, we recommend having them delivered at least a week before your wedding, in the event that any mistakes happen. 


Some of this information will be dependent on receiving your RSVP cards. Your RSVP date will typically be somewhere around a month out from the ceremony. We recommend ordering these items as soon as you have your final guest list nailed down. 


With all wedding stationery, it's important to be very organized and thorough when submitting your information. This will save you from unecessary delays in production, as well as additional costs incurred my multiple rounds of proofing.

Tips on sending Wedding Thank You Notes

Completing your wedding registry is so much fun! You can go crazy with the scanner and online wish lists, and receiving those presents can be just as fun-- until you realize you're going to have to send out a thank you card for every one of those gifts you received. Here's a survival guide for getting through the list without losing your mind:


  • Thank you notes should be something you think about even before the REAL wedding planning starts. As you are collecting your guest's addresses for your wedding addresses, make sure to organize that information and hold on to it! If you're ordering wedding invitations from Lucky Penny and have your envelopes addressed, this step will already be completed for you. Even if you're not addressing your invitation envelopes, my excel spreadsheet guide will still come in handy when it comes to thank you cards. The list will also be great to use in the future, if you plan on sending out holiday cards or any other type of announcements.
  • We suggest that you go ahead and order your thank you cards at the same time as your invitations. People will start checking out your registry the minute they receive their invitations, or if you have a wedding shower, and it's best to stay on top of things. If you stay on top of your thank you cards and write them as your gifts come in, it will be a lot less overwhelming. If thank you cards seem like a huge expense at the time you are ordering your wedding invitations, you could always order a smaller amount to get started, and order more (with your newly married names!) as you need them. 


  • Obviously we're a little biased, as we are paper lovers, but it definitely pays off to order custom stationary. It will seem much more personal to receive a monogrammed or personalized note, rather than a boxed set you picked up on a run to Target.
  • Do a little at a time. If you make a plan to write all 100 something thank you notes at one time, it will seem extremely overwhelming. Tell yourself you need to finish 5 before dinner, or 5 on your lunch break, and it will seem much less daunting. Not to mention, your hand won't start cramping and your letter won't look lazy.
  • Roller ball pens are much smoother than ink pens! Make sure to pick a writing instrument that won't smudge.
  • Invest in a return address stamp! We sell them in our shop in styles that will match your wedding invitations. You can use them while addressing your invitations, and they will do double-duty on your thank you cards or any other corresponance you're sending out at your new address. 


  • Proper etiquette says to send a thank you card within two weeks if you've received a gift before the wedding, and within a year if a gift is received at or after the wedding. 
  • If you receive gifts before your wedding, you are supposed to use stationery with your maiden name or initials. After the wedding, you can send out stationery with your married initials.
  • Have your maid of honor or another designated person keep track of your gifts at your showers and other wedding parties- you'll be too busy tearing up the wrapping paper to remember what's what. That way when you sit down to write thank you notes, you're already organized and ready to go. 
  • Be specific when writing your thank you notes. Instead of saying "thank you for the plate", say "thank you for the Belmont China Dinner Plate". 
  • If you receive a monetary gift, mention how helpful the money will be, and what you plan on using it for. For example "Thank you for your generous check. We are putting it towards a new washer and dryer". 

Do you have any other tips for thank you card notes? We'd love to hear them!

Day of Wedding and Reception Details

From a buffet style reception to a seated formal affair, outdoor weddings and religious ceremonies, you will probably need some type of paper goods to help facilitate the day of your wedding, and we're here to help! Order your wedding day paper goods from Lucky Penny to create a cohesive look from start to finish, creating an event no one will forget.  Here are some of the services we offer, and what you will need to facilitate your wedding day.

We suggest  ordering your day-of wedding items as soon as you receive your response cards, which is typically a month from the wedding date. This will give us plenty of time for revisions if necessary. Most of these items can also apply to your rehearsal dinner, so keep us in mind for that event as well!


  • Programs aren't a necessity for all weddings, but they are a nice touch. Programs can be as simple as introducing the wedding party, to a detailed religious ceremony. The program is also a great place to thank your guests for coming and thank your family and friends for all of their help with your wedding day. Since programs can vary greatly, please inquire for this service so we can discuss your needs.


  • If you are having a sit down dinner, menus are a must. We offer menus in two formats: A7 and A9 sizes, in all printing methods. Even if you are not having a sit down dinner, you may still need buffet placards or bar menus. We're happy to help with that!


  • Escort cards are typically flat cards that are arranged at the entrance of your reception venue. The purpose of an escort card is to let your guests know where they will be seated. 
  • Place Cards can be flat or folded. They are typically placed on the table where your guest will be seated.
  • We offer digital printing for both place cards and escort cards.


  • This one is pretty self explanatory! You may need more than one table number per table, depending on the length of the tables at your reception.


  • A seating chart is an alternative to using escort cards. A seating chart is typically placed at the entrance to your reception venue, and instructs your guests to their seats. Like your programs, this can vary greatly, and therefore is considered a custom job. Please inquire for this service so we can discuss your needs.

Are we forgetting something? Do you have a specific project in mind? Feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your ideas.


10 ways to save money on Wedding Stationery

Photo by Leo Evidente

Photo by Leo Evidente

Want your dream wedding stationary, but on a budget? It's possible! Here are 7 ways to trim back price without compromising quality.

1. Consider sending digital save the dates

Everyone loves getting snail mail when the contents are pretty paper goods, but saving money on your save the dates will allow you to splurge when it comes to your most important wedding stationery- your invitations! Paperless Post, Glo, Pingg, and Evite are just a few of the online stores offering fun designs to send electronically. 

2. Consider your printing options

Letterpress and Foil invitations are luxurious, and if you're a paper freak like myself, TOTALLY worth the extra cost. But if you'd rather put some of that money towards something else, there are definitely ways to save without compromising luxury. If you're having a more casual wedding, consider going with flat printing as opposed to letterpress or foil. Not ready to let go of the pretty feeling paper? Try combining printing methods. Stick with letterpress or foil printing for your actual invitation, and flat printing for the other items in your suite. 

3. Minimize Paper

There are many wedding scenarios that may require insert cards. Destination weddings, registry information, complicated directions, hotel information- the list goes on. While it's really nice to include all of this information in the envelope with your wedding invitations, it's not always necessary. Consider making wedding website, and including all of the details there. That way, you can include just one small card with your invitations containing your website link. Want to cut back even more? If you're having a very informal wedding, consider having your guests RSVP online, that way you don't even need to include an RSVP card.

4. Envelope Addressing

Calligraphy is an art, and will give your invitations a luxe, elegant look. However, it can sometimes be hard to justify splurging on the hand written envelopes. If you're on a budget, consider digitally printing your guest's addresses on the envelopes. If you order printed envelopes from Lucky Penny, I can match the fonts to your invitation suite.

5. Postage

Square invitations, Double thick paper, Inner and Outer Envelopes, and multiple insert cards are all gorgeous add-ons I offer in my shop. However, the heavier the invitation, the higher the postage. Consider simplifying to save on costs at the post office when sending out your invitations. On the flip side, consider sending out your rehearsal dinner invites in the same envelope as your invitations. This will help you save postage on sending out two separate envelopes.

6. Plan well and Proofread!

Nothing is as frustrating (and as expensive!) as having to re-print your invitations because of a grammatical error. Make sure to triple check your proofs, and have someone else look over them as well, just to have a second pair of eyes. Also, keep in mind that three rounds of proofs are free, and anything over that will incur an additional design fee. Try and solidify your invitation wording the first time to avoid additional proofing.